So What is This “Vai Via” Anyway??

Vai Via (pronounced vye veeya) is an Italian phrase that means Go Away. Simple as that. Go Away.

WAIT! No, not go away from this page! In fact, you should by all means stay around. When I say “Vai Via!” I don’t mean “Go Away” the way an older too-cool-for-school sister would say it to her younger annoying brother. Not at all. This is a much more encouraging Go Away,  meaning to leave your comfort zone, to explore other cultures and other countries, to study abroad. That’s right – this blog is about studying abroad an increasing your global exposure.  (It just sounds so much better in Italian right?)

While I believe that studying abroad is an awesome experience for any undergrad (or grad student or even K-12), I have a special interest in encouraging minorities who would otherwise not even consider a study abroad experience. 

I’m not quite sure of all the features the site will cover, but here are a few that you should definitely check back for:

  • Personal Advice – While I am not tied to any particular school, I still consider myself a “Study Abroad Advisor” (at least in my mind as Wendy Williams says). My experience studying abroad in addition to my sincere passion for getting students to take that one step has led me to get as much information about the study abroad process as possible – which  I will share with you here.  Whether it be about the visa process, getting a passport, finding friends (or hair salons!) in a new country, anything is fair game.
  • Student Spotlights – On these pages, I’ll highlight people who have studied abroad (sometimes multiple times in multiple countries) and get the low-down on their experience. We’ll talk good, bad and ugly and you’ll be able to ask questions too! Many of the students here will be students of color to show you that “we” do, in fact, study abroad! And have a blast doing it! 
  • Destination Spotlights – Interested in a particular country or city for your study abroad experience? Drop me a line and I will research it for you and get first-hand perspectives from friends (or friends of friends) who may have studied there.
  • Minority-focused International Organizations – I will highlight organizations such as the National Center for Global Engagement ( that are working very hard to increase the access to international experiences for underrepresented groups.
  • Destination Comparisons – Much like the Destination Spotlights, I will do a side-by-side comparison of some of the most popular cities (or link to someone who’s already done it – no use reinventing the wheel here!)
  • Scholarship, Fellowship, and Program Information – I will let you know about new programs, especially those with scholarships.

I’m sure there will be many posts that won’t fit into any of the categories listed here.  If I come across something I find interesting, helpful, exciting, etc., I’ll be sure to pass it on. If you would like to see more of something, feel free to share.

Thanks for stopping by! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this global ride we are about to embark on together! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “So What is This “Vai Via” Anyway??

  1. Bravo, Deidre, for starting such a much needed resource! We really appreciate your passion for this issue and the strong contribution you have made to our work! Looking forward to all that you have to share in the future!

  2. Thanks, for the info.Your father is telling everyone about your web site.Koolest friend ever, Gotta Love Him LOL!!!!!. I have read your blog site And I find it very interesting and I pray my 4 dauthers find this blog site interesting also they have your web site so they might be sending you a message to find out more.Xazadria is a sophomore at the University of Southen Mississippi and my other dauther will be graduating from high school may 22 2010. and my other dauthers are in the 9th and 7th grade.
    MOM Deatrice Beard

    • Awww Thanks for checking out my site Deatrice! 🙂 I hope your daughters find it interesting as well. And if they don’t have any summer plans yet they should definitely check out the Fulbright opportunity on the second post 🙂

  3. Very cool blog Deidre! Back in the early 2000’s, I worked at a doctom which was creating a virtual portal of study abroad schools, programs, resources etc. Well, I never got to study abroad but I DID get to travel (10 years and still adventuring) and am so glad I got to experience so many diff cultures.

    Love that you’re so passionate about living / studying abroad!! This blog is gonna rock 🙂 Thanks again for sharing it on mine! xo Tia

    • Wow thanks for the bloglove tia! I hope to start traveling again soon so I can experience those cultures too. But until I can I’m just trying to encourage others to take advantage of all those opportunities! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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