Miami: Almost Abroad

For the past few days, I have been MIA…literally – I was on vacation in Miami. What I love about Miami Beach is that visiting always makes me seem like I am in another country. I’m not sure which element of the city causes this feeling the most: the outdoor dining (especially on Lincoln road), the Mediterranean-feeling beaches, the climate, the gorgeous architecture (a little Spanish Revival mixed with a lot of Art Deco), the beautiful people from everywhere, the all-night partying, all of the languages that I can overhear just walking a block away from my boutique hotel (which is yet another detail to love), impromptu salsa dancing going on on the beach, or the fact that we ate dinner around 9 or 10 pm every night (along with everyone else) – very European.  Walking down Lincoln Road reminded me of being on Las Ramblas in Barcelona.  The Spanish influence on this city is undeniable and offers a much welcomed European feel to the city.

TiramesU Restaurant on Lincoln Road

So if you’re still waiting on your passport and can’t get abroad just yet, try Miami (or even Puerto Rico) – and not just for spring break. Although it’s just a little taste, it can be the first step to whet your appetitie for the real deal. I love Miami and all that it has to offer!

Oh and of course I never miss an opportunity to practice my Italian! I met at least 4 or 5 groups of Italians and I tried out my Italian with every last one of them (even standing in line for the club!).  While everyone else probably overheard the Italian and thought it was Spanish, overhearing the Italian was like music to my ears. It brought me back to study abroad and I was so glad to be able to use what little of the language I still know.

What are some other “European” feeling cities here in the U.S.?

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2 thoughts on “Miami: Almost Abroad

  1. I still haven’t been to Miami but you make me really want to go! I am planning to go in September for by friend’s birthday though…yay!

  2. I could go to Miami once a month…. Seriously! Whose birthday??? I want to go! lol (I’ll look for any excuse!). I’m just surprised I got through an entire Miami post without mentioning Wet Willie’s! lol

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