How I Saw Amsterdam


8 thoughts on “How I Saw Amsterdam

  1. Great video! I’m really digging the Amsterdam Drinking Team t-shirt the guy had on. Look like a scene from the movie Beerfest.

  2. thanks girl! and I know exactly who you are talking about without even going back through it lol…When we walked by her I was like she just looks like she wants to be on TV lol.

  3. the whole time i’m thinking…is it time to trade in the d80 for a video camera. will i capture the moment better? anyways love you, the video and this site…Keep it up!

    • you don’t have to trade it in. I got that from Big Lots for less than $50…which means I wasn’t as protective of it. When I take my D40 I’m extra careful – almost too careful. You bring the D80 to rio and I’ll bring the mini video cam! Love you back & thanks for the support Jeremy!

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