“Black People Do Travel!!” -from KiratianaTravels.com

So everyone knows that I wasn’t a big Tweeter until I got this blog. But every day I learn something else or “meet” someone new on Twitter that is extremely beneficial or inspirational. It’s simply amazing how interconnected we all are because of these social networks. That said, the latest person I’ve “met” on Twitter after doing a #travel search was the beautiful Kiratiana. Her travel website Kiratiana Travels awesomely boasts “Let a Black Girl Show You the World.” (And yes, I wish I had thought of that tagline!) She’s also written a book, Kiratiana’s Travel Guide to Black Paris, the first in a series of new black travel guides. All of this, including time living in Paris, Brazil, Senegal, and other parts of West Africa stemmed from an unbelievable $20,000 grant she received while at Harvard. I could talk about her and her blog for hours, but I encourage you to check it out yourself! It’s definitely worth the visit.

The day that I found her site, the latest post immediately caught (and kept) my attention: BLACK PEOPLE DO TRAVEL: A Directory of Black Travel Blogs and Black Expat Blogs on the Web.” That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell people – we do travel!! Now, I must admit, I have sat in many an airport trying to figure out how black people get from point A to point Z because they’re never on my planes (unless I’m flying to or through Atlanta).  But since I’ve started this blog and when I’m actually traveling, I’ve come across so many of us – “us” being black travelers. 

Visit KiratianaTravels.Com to check the extensive list of blogs she has compiled. This is an awesome resource and as I visit more of these blogs, you will notice the list of links over to the right growing.  Here are a few of the (many, many) blogs she’s listed:

And the list just keeps going! I haven’t even had time to go through them all. Make sure you get to KiratianaTravels.com soon! Are there any sites you think should be added to the list?


4 thoughts on ““Black People Do Travel!!” -from KiratianaTravels.com

  1. Hey! Thanks for this amazing blog post! I LOVE how your blog focuses on studying abroad. I am reading an incredible book that you should definitely review on your blog. Kinky Gezpacho by Lori Tharps. It talks ALOT about her study abroad experience in Spain. Check it out!

  2. Good point–we do travel and we have to encourage our family & friends to travel!! Seeing the world is breathtaking and opens your eyes to how fortunate we are to experience other people’s cultures!!

    Great blog post Vaivia!

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