The “New” Study Abroad: MHIRT for Pre-Med Majors

Once upon a time not long ago, study abroad was reserved only for liberal arts majors:  the Spanish majors went to Barcelona, the French majors to Paris, and the history and women’s studies majors went just about anywhere! Even I, as  business major, wouldn’t have been a part of the “likely to study abroad” population.  But thankfully the study abroad gods have heard our cries and study abroad is becoming increasingly more accepting of all majors – and more important that just being acceptable, these programs are relevant and beneficial in more ways than one.

Thanks to a friend from high school (Shout out to Krystle P.!), I would like to present Exhibit A:  Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training Program (MHIRT). 

Krystle says:

“…I spent last summer in Valencia, Spain. Of the 8 people in my program only two of us were black and both female. I participated in the MHIRT Program, Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training Program. It stations undergraduate and graduate minority students in laboratories for summer research in various countries such as Spain, England, Ghana, and Tanzania. It is funded by the National Institutes of Health. I really enjoyed my time in Spain and am planning to spend Summer 2011 in Australia and traveling Eastern Asia. Just thought you could add the MHIRT program to your list! -Krystle

Thanks Krystle! Here’s a little more information I lifted from their website.  This program provides the grants for graduates and undergraduates at certain U.S. academic institutions in the health professions to get international research training. Students can either spend their summer or a semester studying abroad doing research on a number of diseases or health  disparities with investigators in their host country.  Talk about study abroad with a purpose! To learn more about the program contact both your international and health science departments at your local university.  You can also contact MHIRT by clicking here and filling out the contact form at the bottom of their site.

If you’d like a first-hand account of someone who’s been through the program, leave a comment for Krystle – maybe she would be willing to write a little something about her time in Spain 😉


2 thoughts on “The “New” Study Abroad: MHIRT for Pre-Med Majors

  1. Hi! Sorry for the long reply time! I’d love to write something with pics etc. Here’s a link for the program I’m interested in for the coming summer! Just let me know.

    P.S.- thanks for the shout out! I love your blog!

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