Black Weblog Awards And the winner is…

The Black Weblog Awards recognizes great black bloggers for their contributions to the blogging community.  I’m pretty late on the nominatons bandwagon, but I honestly wasn’t even going to submit Vai Via up for judging this year – I just didn’t think she was ready. But that’s not the kind of thinking that will allow Vai Via to grow, to get more followers, subscribers, attention, and just plain old interest. I would greatly appreciate your support at nominating Vai Via Blog to receive a Black Weblog Award. This is how it works:

1) Click here to go to the Black Weblog Awards Nominations form.

2) To nominate Vai Via Blog, copy and paste the full URL into the following categories (leave all of the other categories blank, unless of course you know of a great blog to nominate there):

  • Best Blog Post Series
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Travel Blog
  • Best Writing in a Blog
  • Blog to Watch

3) Come back and let me know that you’ve voted!

The deadline for nominating new blogs is July 25th.  And if I make it past that round, we will have all of August to vote for the official titles – exciting right! I have found out about some great blogs from the BWAs (like Flavor Diva and Mane and Chic) so hopefully people will find out about Vai Via in the same way. Thanks for all your support of Vai Via!


6 thoughts on “Black Weblog Awards And the winner is…

  1. Oh womp. I can’t because I’ve already voted for a few other blogs and they won’t let me revote. Do you know if there is a way to just add votes to the fields you left empty?

  2. thanks staci (with an i) you know you are the only staci I know right..or stacy or stacey…either way thanks chic! tell everybody you know to help out =) and then my blog will be so popular it will make money and I won’t have to work and I can come frolic in ATL with you lol

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