Next Stamp: Dominica

When's my next passport stamp coming?

I think about time in terms of travel. I’ll always remember 2006 was when I toured Western Europe. Junior year spring break was San Juan, Puerto Rico, and senior year was the Bahamas. I’ll be turning 25 in Brazil this December (hopefully!) and in 2 days I’ll be visiting Dominica in the Caribbean.  It’s always easier to remember time in terms of travel because trips are so much more memorable than memorizing dates or years or ages. That said, I’m always looking forward to my next trip – specifically those that will earn me a passport stamp. Within the next year, I hope to go to Brazil, take my first trip to the continent of Africa (visit the original Memphis), try to visit another one of my friend’s who’s in the Peace Corps in Cambodia, and maybe hit up Greece. Sounds like a lot, but there is a certain beauty of being a teacher with paid summers off (insert evil laugh here).

Dominica - the Nature Island of the Caribbean

I’ve said ALL of this to say: my next international trip is less than 72 hours away! I’ll be visiting my very good college friend who is a Peace Corps Volunteer in Dominica. NOT the Dominican Republic! I get that a lot. Dominica is a small Caribbean island near Martinique and St. Lucia. It’s called the “Nature Island” of the Caribbean and I can’t wait to just relax and enjoy everything nature has to offer – and I’m not even an outdoorsy person!  I’m looking forward to hiking through its rainforests and stumbling upon waterfalls (but definitely not the animals!).  Some other things you should know about Dominica is that it has the 2nd largest boiling lake in the world (big feat for such a small island) and cricket is THE sport here.  Hopefully, when I get back I’ll be able to tell you a lot more about Dominica. Until then, check out this site Discover Dominica. The tagline is “Defy the Everyday” – I already know I’m going to love it here!

What do you want to know about Dominica? What are some of your other favorite Caribbean destinations?


3 thoughts on “Next Stamp: Dominica

  1. I’ve only been to jamaica and Trinidad n Tobago and I liked the both equally but for different reasons.

    Dominica (we have quite a few Dominicans here in the UK) strikes me as a very lush peaceful place with a small village feel…

    • “a very lush peaceful place with a small village feel” I could have summed up my whole post with that one phrase! That’s a great way to put it. Ive never been to Trinidad or Jamaica – will hopefully be getting to Trinidad next year though. I highly recommend Dominica though if you ever get the chance – I LOVED it!

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