How to Pick Your Study Abroad Destination?

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Actually I’m not going to tell you how to pick your destination. I’m going to let you know how I ended up going to Milan. I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to go to one of the “most popular” destinations.  “Most popular” usually translates to “touristy” which then translates that I probably won’t get the most authentic international experience. Most of the time if there are 300 American kids in a foreign country in the same program, you won’t ever have the opportunity to really experience the country.  It’ll simply be an American experience on foreign soil.  So that immediately disqualified Paris and Rome. I definitely wanted to learn another language – so buh-bye London. I didn’t want that language to be Spanish – so adios Barcelona and Madrid.

I actually really knew I wanted to be in Italy. I’ve always had some kinda crush on all things Italian. Italian designers, Italian love, Italian leather, the language, and of course the food. I wanted to be in a “city” as opposed to a rural or small location.  I wanted to be able to explore and not experience everything within a month after I’d arrived. So that knocked out Torino (home of the Winter Olympics 2006), Venice, and Florence.  Besides, Florence was full of tourists AND it was small so No and No. Everyone there speaks English to you, unlike in Milan where NOONE will speak to you in English – even if they know how.  It’s kind of rude but I respected that. I didn’t want to come in and change their culture, I personally wanted to be changed (well my language skills at the very least).  I know this is why I was practically fluent in Italian by the time I left. The final reason was because of the opportunity to have an Internship abroad. Milan was one of the few programs that offered Internships – and that was important to me as a Business Marketing major.

So I ended up in Milan partially based on the process of elimination – but it definitely wasn’t an afterthought. I loved everything about that city and could definitely picture myself living there again. It’s the business capital of the country, the nightlife was great, it’s one of the Fashion Capitals of the World, the food is amazing, it’s close to everything, it has everything, it’s the home of Bocconi – one of Europe’s best business school’s, – not one, but TWO futbol teams, and so much more that I know I’m forgetting.

So how do you pick your study abroad destination? Be true to yourself and know what you like (and don’t like).  And if you end up picking a place and don’t like it (which won’t happen), you’re only there for a semester and with low-cost airlines such as Ryan Air and EasyJet, you can country hop and visit many other cities.

(If you’re wondering why I only mentioned places in Europe, I still wanted the opportunity visit those places I didn’t want to live in – and I did! I knew that going to Europe, because all of the major cities are relatively close together, would give me the best chance to visit more places.  Unlike if I were in say, Sydney, Australia, it would be more difficult to get around to other major cities. But now that I’ve “conquered” Europe, South America and Africa are next!)


7 thoughts on “How to Pick Your Study Abroad Destination?

  1. Great post! I studied in Florence, and it was probably the opposite of what studying was like in Milan. I ended up there on a whim (long story), so I didn’t have as much time to figure it out. Now, I would like to move to a city where I can more easily learn another language. Buenos Aires is up there, though Argentine Spanish is so warped!!

    Have you retained your Italian language skills since then? Mine have dwindled to being awesome in restaurants and that’s about it…

    • I’m all about long stories! So if it’s on your site I’ll read it if not please share lol. My Italian comes in spurts – usually when alcohol or other Italians are involved. So yeah it’s dwindled a LOT. I try to go to Italian Meetups in whatever city I’m in it’s just not the same when you aren’t surrounded by it all the time. My eyes are set on Brazil so it looks like Portugese is my next language. And the only Portuguese I’m familiar with is from Love Actually…ah well you gotta start somewhere!

  2. I am from London and chose to study in Atlanta, Georgia. I knew that I was definitely going to study in america as I did America Studies, but it was the city that I had some choice about.

    I knew that I wanted a city that it had a lot going on and that would be easy to get around in. Being one of about 5 black students at my university I knew that I definitely wanted a sizeable black population.

    When I heard that my uni was doing an exchange with Spelman (which wasn’t advertised, I guess they only tell you if you are black???) I had a look at their website and immediately knew I wanted to go there. When I heard that Keshia Knight Pullian (Rudy from Cosby show) went there too it was a done deal!

    • Hey Ms Beauty Soul – Thanks for stopping by! I have LOTS of love for Spelman. I have a ton of friends from high school that went there and I visited every year while I was in undergrad. I would love to hear more about what your experience was like as an English in America. It’s all so familiar to us that we sometimes forget that people actually study “abroad” right here in our own country.

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