The Tweet Heard ‘Round the Web

“Every really great decision I’ve ever made was terrifying at first.”

-via Stephanie from @20sTravel

Twitter is one of the best ways for me to live vicariously through other people’s travels while I’m in between trips.  Lately I’ve found myself saving more than a few of the tweets related to travel – probably because I haven’t travelled in a while (6 weeks = withdrawal!).  Sometimes someone will say something that strikes you so much simply because it’s the appropriate time in your life.  At least that’s how it was with this quote from travel blogger/tweeter @20sTravel. Every time you set out to make a life decision, and this really doesn’t even have to be related to travel, there will be some type of fear that overwhelms you. Yes, that fear means GO! If you have been thinking about studying abroad, or booking that first international trip, but that little voice inside you is causing hesitation – that’s how you KNOW it’s the right decision.

I have had quite a few ideas swirling around in my head about my near future that are absolutely terrifying. This tweet came just in time to let me know that the fear doesn’t mean I should stop. It means I should move forward because I may be on the brink of greatness and not even realize it!

Make sure to visit Stephanie’s blog, too: Twenty Something Travel.


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