An Org You Should Know: IES Abroad

It’s only fitting that the first study abroad company that I should profile is the very one that introduced me to my love of Italy specifically and travel in general – IES Abroad. IES Abroad just so happened to be one of the very few organizations that had a program in Milan – and the only one my university approved.  But if you are looking for a great, organized, well-established study abroad program, I’d highly recommend IES Abroad. Not only does IES operate in dozens of countries, but they also provide things like internships abroad, academic and diversity scholarships, and even blog (and vlog) hosting while you’re away!

Name: IES Abroad


Twitter: @IESAbroad

Programs: Business and International Relations, Fine and Performing Arts, Science and Engineering, Communication and Media, Social and Behavioral Science, Language, Summer, Semester, January Term, Internships Abroad

Cost: Programs start at $3200 for January Term, $5500 for Summer, and $13000 for Spring, and $12000 for Fall – Don’t let those numbers scare you! IES Abroad has academic, need-based, program, legacy, and diversity scholarhips, grants, and discounts (also keep in mind that your tuition for your home institution is usually applied to that amount. At the end of the day I think I ended up paying $700 for my semester abroad experience.

Application Deadlines: To travel for the spring semester, deadlines are as early as October 1 through November 1 (so act now!). For summer and fall study abroad, deadlines begin in March.

Destinations: Tokyo, Rabat (Morocco), Cape Town, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Galapagos, Barcelona, Delhi, European Union, Christchurch (New Zealand), and about 20 more cities!

What sets IES Abroad Apart:

  • The ability to get an International Internship (I was a Communications Intern at the European School of Economics during my study abroad). It looks amazing on a resume; but really – the experience itself is amazing without even considering a resume.
  • Two students who met during my semester in Italy got married this summer (such a better story than “we met on eharmony”.)
  • The genius of a January Term! Short-term study abroad for those of you who have a January Term at your university.
  • Blog and video blog hosting – click here to read some of the latest posts from students currently at one of IESAbroad’s over 90 programs!

Check out this video to see how studying abroad with IESAbroad can redefine your life:


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