Jabari Smith, Paradise Hunter

(Jabari’s currently in 3rd place in the Paradise Hunter host search. But I know he can get to #1! Vote here.) 

Sometimes a position comes along and it’s as if it was made just for you. It’s as if the employer looked into your life, looked at your past experiences, your interests, your personality, your character, and even looked at what your future could be and tweaked this very position so that it was just right for you.  That’s exactly how I feel about my fellow Howard alum, brother in travel, and most of all my friend, Jabari Smith, when it comes to the search for who will be the next host of the Paradise Hunter TV series.

Jabari in St. Lucia. Who wouldn't want to share experiences like this with Jabari?

Paradise Hunters, which is an awesome company that helps you find “paradise” near and far for any occasion, is looking for a host for it’s TV series. And I’m telling you Jabari is the man for the job. He has traveled and lived in places that some of us have never even heard of. Charisma is a word that’s synonymous with Jabari.  And above all that, he’s a natural on-camera. How do I know? Just take a look at any one of his Jabari Inspires motivational vlogs on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean.

There are 2 MAJOR reasons why I love the idea of Jabari being the Paradise Hunter host (there are probably 1000 other reasons specific to Jabari but there are a few that are even bigger than him). These are the two that really stick out to me:

  • We need to see more positive images of African-Americans in the media (especially our Black men!).
  • We need to show people (and even ourselves) that we do travel!

Please click here to read more about Jabari. He put together an awesome video about why he would be perfect for Paradise Hunters and even wrote a little about himself. I would put them on here, but since you’re going to go ahead and click here to cast your vote for him I’ll just let you check them out on the Paradise Hunter site ;). Voting ends December 15th for this round and it’s so important that we vote daily to keep him on top! When he wins we all win! (He’s currently #3 but I KNOW we can get him to #1. Let’s go!)

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One thought on “Jabari Smith, Paradise Hunter

  1. Deidre, I cannot thank you enough for being so supportive of me on my journey toward fulfilling my dream. Even prior to “Paradise Hunter” you’ve pushed me to continue to see the world and share my experiences w/ those around me. Essentially, pushing me to be just like you! Thanks for being an inspiration and great friend! We WILL claim this victory of INSPIRATION!

    Thanks to EVERYONE for reading this post and supporting US!!! Your votes will surely help more than just me, as I am ALL about helping to UPLIFT others!

    Sincerely Yours,

    YOUR Next “Paradise Hunter”

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