Day 01: Favorite Place(s) You’ve Been

Welcome to Day 01 of the International Travel Challenge (introduced here)!  These posts will be short, quick, and to the point.  So let’s just get right to it.  I’ve been to a lot of places that I have absolutely loved.  There are very few places that I just didn’t like.  But my all-time, hands down, undisputed heavy weight champion of the world favorite is the Isle of Capri off the coast of Southern Italy.

Perfect skies, Bluest waters, Beautiful People - What's not to love about Capri?

Capri’s a tiny island, totally walkable in the Mediterranean.  It’s not too far from the Amalfi Coast and is a short ferry ride from Sorrento which makes it a great place to go after you visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii (Mt. Vesuvius anyone?).  We spent 5 days there and rented a guesthouse-like suite with an amazing view from its terrace.  We visited the Blue Grotto, ate at the restaurant where Kanye proposed to Alexis (tear!), and rented a boat and sailed around the entire island.  And even though we did all of that and a ton more, I don’t remember it being that expensive – rented boat and all.  There were honeymooners, families, couples, spring (fall) breakers – it’s really a destination for all types of vacations.  We relaxed, had some adventure, went out to some bars and a club, and I don’t even have to mention the food, do I?  So yeah, hands down favorite place on the universe so far.  I’d love to own a guest house or bed-and-breakfast and spend all of August vacationing there every year.  Any takers?

The View from the Beach of the Famous Faraglione Rocks of Capri

What are some of the favorite places you’ve been? Do you have one that stands out above all of the rest??


7 thoughts on “Day 01: Favorite Place(s) You’ve Been

    • It was 5 years ago for me! But clearly it made quite an impression since it’s still at the top of the list. I want to go back to Italy, too! There are just so many other places I’ve never visited that I want to try out first.

  1. I really really loved London. I went when I was 19 with my mom to visit a cousin that was living in the city and had an awesome time. We saw plays, walked the city, enjoyed the gardens and museums, took a boat ride on the Thames, and much more! It was excellent!

    • I really liked London, too! We walked around – a lot! And saw a lot of the city. I just couldn’t get over the exchange rate. When I realized I had just paid $24 for a sandwich and fries (12 pounds) I sorta ended my love affair with London lol.

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