Day 02: Where You’d Like to Travel Next

Day 01 was pretty easy for me.  Capri has held a special place in my heart for years now! Day 02 is pretty difficult though.  There are so many countries to be explored I can’t ever decide which one is going to be next.  While I think about that, let’s recap from some other people who are participating in the travel challenge. (Were you aware that I am a master procrastinator? No? Well, yes I find creative ways to distract others from what I’m really supposed to be doing 😉 )  Terri over at Try Anything Once  couldn’t pick just once place – but Italy also topped her list!  Check out her blog to see what other two fabulous places made the cut. Ernest, better known as Fly Brother, is participating, too.  This lucky guy is now living in his top favorite place so go on over to his blog to figure out what new “gritty, soulful and borderline schizo” city has now topped the list (I honestly never would’ve guessed it! But it’s now on my radar.) One of my good friends from home chimed in via Twitter, and tried to convince me that his favorite place (Hawaii!) wasn’t too expensive for a grad student (really??).  We’ll see.  Follow Jon Cornes to see what other cool places he’s going to mention during the travel challenge.  Did I miss anyone? I know some of you have some favorite places you want to shout out during the travel challenge!

Now that I’ve stalled enough, I guess I’ll finally pick the one place I’d like to travel to next.  This should have been easy because I actually AM traveling here next.  So, the love affair in-my-head with this place will soon become reality.  Every research assignment during my first semester in graduate school had something to do with this country. People would ask me why and I really couldn’t verbalize one particular reason – the beautiful people, the music, the weather, the language, City of God, the Diaspora, the Olympics and World Cup hype – I’m not sure what was pulling me here.  The one thing I did know is that I needed to act on that feeling. So I started learning Portuguese, and later booked my flight to Brazil!  For three weeks I will be traveling through Rio and Sao Paulo (and perhaps Salvador?) and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. 

So what about you? What’s next on your “To Travel” List?


4 thoughts on “Day 02: Where You’d Like to Travel Next

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