Day 06: What Does “Home” Mean to You?

“Hardly home but always reppin…”

And I hardly every quote rap lyrics. But this is so me. I’m never home, but home is always with me.  Memphis, TN is probably one of my most favorite places on this planet.  Not because of any special site to see or any particular point of interest, but just for the simple fact that it is home. I still get giddy whenever I’m flying into Memphis.  As soon as we break through the clouds I’m always trying to make things out – “Oh there’s the football field we used to play on! Oooh there are the Bellevue Baptist crosses!” And if I’m coming in from the northwest and catch a glimpse of the Memphis Bridge (above) and the downtown skyline, I’m liable to shed a tear. Yeah, my love for this place runs that deep. And if you’ve ever met anyone from Memphis, you know we go hard for the hometown! But more specifically, “home” represents my (huge, crazy) family.  What I miss the most when I’m away is being able to watch my kid sister and brother grow up. I can sense myself getting a little emotional now just thinking about my baby sis becoming a teenager (!!?) so I’m going to end this post here. Yeah, that’s home.

What about you? What does “home” mean to you?

*Wondering why I’m posting so much lately? Check out this post introducing the 15 Day International Travel Challenge and then join in on the fun!


One thought on “Day 06: What Does “Home” Mean to You?

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