Day 09: A Song You Like from Another Country/Language

Now you know I’m too indecisive to pick a single song.  So, I decided to pick an entire genre. I love music that gets you to dance.  And I love Latin Music – salsa, merengue, samba, whatever.  I just love partner dancing as opposed to the “hey I’m about to grind all up on you for three minutes” music that we’re used to dancing to in clubs here.  But I think my favorite genre right now is bachata.  It’s probably one of the sexiest dances out there and the music is usually sensual enough to match.  So here’s an example of one of my favorite bachata songs “Te Extrano” and these two are definitely working it out.  I could watch this video over and over again! Hot, right?

That said, my two most-used Pandora stations are Seu Jorge and Fela Kuti.  What about you? What are some of your favorite songs from other countries or cultures? 


4 thoughts on “Day 09: A Song You Like from Another Country/Language

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  2. I love this! Last month i went to PR and was introduced to Bachata. I’m not a big Latin music listener but i fell in love!! Watching the people dance it in Santurce and listening to Romeo Santos “the king of bachata”. Now Im researching all things bachata! And no matter how many years ago you may have posted this, this post is so fitting to my current mood! I’m trying to expand my horrizons and bachata is my start!

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