Day 10 – A Favorite Foreign Movie

Happy Holiday Weekend! The #travelchallenge has been going strong – but we’re going to take a break on Monday for the holiday.  We’ll start back with Day 11 on Tuesday.


Today’s post only requires a picture. A lot of you probably could have guessed it though:

Classic! What are your favorite foreign films? 

(Remember how loooong Day 01’s post was? As you can see I’m much more interested in getting straight to the point now – minus the whole narrative part :).)

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3 thoughts on “Day 10 – A Favorite Foreign Movie

    • I think I change my mind. Life is Beautiful is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME. Foreign and not. (You made me think of it with the Boy in the Striped Pajamas lol.) Never seen Pan’s Labyrinth though!

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