Day 13: A Favorite Travel Quote

I have quite a few “quotables” on this here site.  I used to do a segment called “That’s What He Said” but I fell off a little.  That said, here’s another one of my favorites:

I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them“.
-Mark Twain

Speaks for itself right? That said, in addition to counseling, I think all future spouses should go on vacation together first. Really. I work part-time at an airport and I’m telling ya – when your flight gets cancelled and you’re starving and there’s only one security checkpoint line open – you learn a few things about one another.  And it ain’t always pretty.

Do you have any other favorite travel-related quotes out there?


Were you paying attention? Did you notice that I skipped Day 12? Day 12 was about someone who has influence me to travel and I really couldn’t think of anyone. Isn’t that crazy? I could easily think of a few people who have tried to discourage me but I honestly think the desire to travel has just always been there.  Maybe it was all of the family reunions we took as a child.  Those were all road trips though and actually made me hate driving long distances.  Or maybe it was simply my Dad saying I could do and be absolutely anything that I wanted.  And with that I also assumed he meant “anywhere” I wanted.  He’s always been the most supportive of my travels and has even talked about joining me on a few trips. He is my ideal Amazing Race partner!


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