Howard University Students Experience South Africa

One of my many dream jobs is to run study abroad at my alma mater, Howard University. When I returned from my own study abroad I was like the one-woman study abroad hypeman of the year. I tried to convince any and everybody to get to the Ralph J. Bunche International Center and seek out a program that was right for them. If you don’t do it in undergrad, when you have the time and the loans, it’s even harder once you graduate. All that said, it makes my heart smile when I see HU students leaving their footprints, both figuratively and literally, on faraway lands that most people have only heard about or seen pictures of on Google images.

One of the legendary professors at HU, Dr. Carr, leads a study abroad group each summer, usually somewhere on the Continent. This summer the students traveled, did research, took classes, and more throughout South Africa. They were even invited to dinner at the home of the President of South Africa. Major! I’m sure many of them have never even shaken hands with our very own Barack Obama.  But to have tea and dinner with President Jacob Zuma and First Lady Nampumelelo Ntuli Zuma is an undeniably incredible opportunity that I’m sure none of participants will ever forget!

The students have just wrapped up their trip, but please visit their live blog to read more about their experiences with the President and First Lady, their visits to Soweto and the Apartheid Museums, their encounters living on the campus of the University of Cape Town, visit to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner, and many, many more. You can also read more about the courses the students were taking and see vides from the classroom! The views of each of the students that contribute are varied but equally insightful and meaningful. The enlightenment and excitement, frustration and anger all surface through the students’ voices. Be sure to visit the blog and comment to encourage the young scholars in their endeavors. This was such an amazing opportunity and we want them to know that people are watching. We always say we don’t get positive press, well here’s our chance – let’s spread the word!

The blog can be found here. A photo gallery of the students in South Africa can be found here.


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