Meet the Grannies on Safari: Over Fifty, Fabulous, and Fly (Literally)!

I’m a firm believer in “Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy…” some of you know it as Lazy Sunday? After church, I usually eat a huge breakfast then park it right on the couch for TV or a good book – whatever it takes to relax. This past Sunday, watching TV actually paid off. I stumbled upon an awesome gem that I’m now sharing with all of you: Grannies on Safari.

Granny Regina and Granny Pat in South Africa

Grannies on Safari in South Africa (photo credit: Grannies on Safari Facebook page)

The premise is simple: two 60-something best friends (Granny Pat and Granny Regina) traveling the world and sharing their adventures with us. The significance is deep: positive images of two AARP-aged African-American jet-setters traveling to places such as Machu Picchu in Peru, the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, and the Amber Palace in India. I saw the description of the show before I actually saw the Grannies, and I must admit I wasn’t expecting them to look like me. But really, they could be my Grannies! And the way they tell their stories – boy! I was hooked at the first “Mercy me.”

Why this isn’t on the Travel Channel is beyond me. But you can find it on your local PBS-station. Here in D.C. it’s on WHUT. If you can’t find it, contact your local PBS station and request it! Support these ladies, they deserve it. You can also visit their website GranniesOnSafari.Com, “Like” them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter (you know they’re fabulous if they’re on Twitter!), listen to them on BlogTalkRadio, and look them up on YouTube. Here’s a very short clip of Granny Pat and Granny Regina in India. On their homepage is an amazing assortment of videos from the upcoming season, which is sponsored exclusively by AARP ($$! :)).

Have any of you seen or heard of Grannies on Safari before? What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Meet the Grannies on Safari: Over Fifty, Fabulous, and Fly (Literally)!

  1. I’ve been there! Okay, I got your hint after you gave these ladies a shout out 19 times in every cyber capacity available. Too frikin’ fabulous! Definitely should be on the Travel Channel… but then again, so should we.

  2. Never heard of this show, what channel is it on? I think I don’t have the station because im from WA state, we might not have the show if its only regional to where you live. It looks like a nice show though, I love travel shows. I used to love the travel channel but now its been hijacked by food Network or something!

    I don’t feel like watching a guy go around to different food competitions and stuff his face on tv! Lol, I missed the days when the travel channel had good shows that were actually based around traveling and traveling resources and info. Samantha Brown only comes on in the morning now and that’s it. Although I do like Anthony Bourdain.

    P.S. I been keeping up with your blog since last year, but never posted a comment. I love your blog! I follow a few other travel/expat blogs and it’s nice to see other black people travelling. I hope to do the same once I transfer to a university to finish my BA degree, and study abroad then.


    • Hey Sarah! Thanks for stopping by. So glad you decided to post a comment so now I know you’re out there. I’m with you on the travel channel. It’s becoming like MTV… “Music” TV but there’s no music. *side eye* Although I do love me some Anthony Bourdain. Were you able to find the Grannies on Safari on PBS near you?

      And you know I’m all about studying abroad so keep me posted on transferring to a university to study abroad! Where would you want to go?

      • Yeah, I agree about the Travel Channel, its not what it used to be.

        I noticed that Dish Network might not have standard PBS, I’m sure there’s places I could find it online, hopefully.

        If I had to study abroad, probably anywhere in Italy, Morocco, or in London.

      • For biased reasons I’d vote for Italy… But Morocco is at the top of my “To Go” list! I tried finding it online but could only find a few clips. I think they sell all three seasons on their site though.

    • So happy you’re here!!! I think we have plenty of people like this in the world, it’s just a matter of having the resources so that they can make themselves known… They are certainly fabulous though =)

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