Traveling Pretty (or How I Hiked Sugarloaf in a Sundress)

“How in the world did you fit three weeks of clothes into that duffle bag?” Sundresses and sandals my friend. A pair of jeans is only half of an outfit but still takes up the space of 3* sundresses! So, yeah I do it mostly because I know I can bring like 50. But also because ummm they’re cute? I don’t like to be “that tourist” traveling through the airport looking all frumpy – that’s the number one way to spot the Americans in the international terminal.

Yes I hiked up here in a sundress. And sandals. Keep your judgement and give me a drink!

Besides, the photo ops are better. And you can go from sightseeing to the bar without skipping a beat.  And if you bring a sweater you can go to church too (a post about that later).

Traveling pretty is great – until your Couchsurfing host lets you know that it costs damn near $50 to ride the tram to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. Say what now?! But all hope is not lost – there is a way to hike up the mountain and you get the very same views plus a little workout in – for free! Great. I’m wearing a sundress and Havaianas. And so is she. Well, we decide to do it anyway. Because we’re geniuses of course.

Are we there yet? No. Well, let's stop anyway.

I really thought it was going to be an easy hike. I saw people taking their kids up, others taking their parents. Everyone who was coming off the path was full of spirits and some were even laughing. Duh! Because they were coming down! (Insert Homer Simpson “Doh!” face here.) Yeah going up was another story. It definitely wasn’t the worst hike I’ve ever done. Far from it – it’s just the sundress and sandals combined with the week of eating nothing but steak, cheesy bread snack things, and more steak wasn’t really a good prep for a Sunday morning hike. It was pretty fun(ny) though! I’d definitely do it again – in tennis shoes. The views of Rio de Janeiro were unbelievable, the weather was perfect, and it’s actually a great place to just hang out and maybe relax with a good book (or a boo :)).

*Not scientifically proven (i.e. I totally made that number up).

The view of Flamengo Beach and Centro Rio de Janeiro from Sugarloaf


5 thoughts on “Traveling Pretty (or How I Hiked Sugarloaf in a Sundress)

  1. Goodness! I haven’t sat still long enough to catch these comments. Thanks Naomi!! Sheryll I talk about girls who wear heels at the airport!!! Lol j/k You girls always look fab. It reminds me of when I was in Italy and women would wear stilettos to go grocery shopping.

  2. all the pictures are very beautiful. I really want to go to brazil!! So attractive place for me. I totally agree with your idea that you don’t like to be “that tourist” traveling through the airport looking all frumpy. I love your blue summer dress.

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