A Little Reflection Anyone? 2011: A Year in Review

Reflecting on the Alps

Well, well, well… here we meet again holiday season. Funny how every year I sit and wonder how in the hell did you arrive so quickly. And this year is no different. Except it seems like you arrived a little quicker than normal. At any rate, the end of any experience, or designated amount of time calls for reflection – and reflection can be useful in many ways. So let’s take a look at what went down around the blog in 2011 (and then look at where we’re going in 2012):

  • *Tap, Tap, Tap* Is This Thing On: How you start something is how you end it right? Well the 1st post of the year came in April. APRIL! Terrible right? I started the year neglecting Vai Via – and ended it the same way. Of course there are valid reasons for both cases of “neglect” and this post announced my enrollment in grad school!
  • Introducing: The 15 Day International Travel Challenge: This was the highlight of the summer! This challenge was a lot of fun and most importantly got a few other bloggers in the mix. From favorite places, to favorite foreign songs and movies, to advice to others who are thinking about traveling – this challenge really gave everyone a glimpse into my travel mind from a much broader perspective than just studying abroad. (It also proved that I can be a regular poster if I really want to – I posted every single day for 3 weeks!)
  • Howard University Students Experience South Africa: This is simple. I got to share two of my loves – my alma mater and study abroad in one post. These students’ observations and the way they write about their experiences though their blog is just insane!
  • Discovered While Traveling: The Secret to Happiness: The title says it all. I discovered the secret to happiness. And you don’t have to travel to put the secret into action. It’s pretty awesome. You’re welcome. (I went to Brazil!)

And, finally, one of my favorite posts of the year –

  • On This Episode of “The Best Week Ever”: I got my dream (right now) job. And this post is announcing the job just one week in. And what’s funny is that as I re-read this post and feel all the giddiness of that first week – I recognize that I still have that giddiness damn near every day at work! I try not to talk about my job every day on twitter and facebook but the excitement in this post really sums it all up. I still love my job! The other special thing about this post is that I was recognized by goabroad.org as the Blog of the Week! And I didn’t even have to pay them to say all the nice things they said. Check it out! (There were quite a few other posts – but these are just the highlights.)

So what about 2012? What’s going to happen next? Well, all of 2012 will be devoted to one masterful, gianormous, amazing, cuh-razy project! Of course it’s study abroad-related. I’m not announcing it quite yet, but you’re gonna love it! The blog will continue to be a mix of my musings on travel and study abroad in the grand hopes that more of “us” will get our passports and embark on our own adventures. I’ve been somewhat torn between whether I want the blog to be about study abroad or about travel in general, and I know focus is good sometimes. But for me right now, I’m deciding to do both! Once one becomes more dominant, then so be it. But until then, inspiring you to get out of the country by any means necessary whether you’re in college or work a 9-to-5 is the M.O. of Vai Via. The only thing that’ll be different – more pictures, less time between posts. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by – see you in 2012!

(Oh and I knocked off one of my Bucket items in 2011! I’m going to aim for at least 2 in 2012.)

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