Dealing With the Frustrations of Being Homesick

I’m almost done reading Black Girl in Paris. Taking me long enough right? I have A.D.D. when it comes to books. I am currently reading about 5 books right now – 2 of them related to education (because I’m going to start teaching in the fall!).  Anywho, there was a passage in the book that struck me, and is the inspiration behind today’s post. Eden, the protagonist is pretty down and a lot of things aren’t going the way she had planned. She says, “I was beginning to wonder what sense it had made to leave the comfort of home,” which is just an eloquent way for her to describe the phenomenon of being homesick.

We’ve all experienced it. But the funny part is we never really start thinking about home unless we have time to think – which means we probably aren’t experiencing our new environment the way we should.  Think back to freshman year (for those of you that are out of school).  I don’t think I met a single homesick person during Freshman Week! Our parents couldn’t even get us to answer the phone – we were just too excited about meeting new people and seeing how “live” the next orientation week event was going to be. So that leads to my first way to deal with being homesick: Continue reading