Coming soon: Kinky Gazpacho Review

Travel Lit Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for sudden urges to check prices for round-the-world flights, the sudden desire to quit one’s job and move to another country, or any other passport-required epiphany you may experience after reading about Lori’s escapades in Spain.  However, I can’t deny that my heart would smile just a little at the thought of such an adventure 🙂

I’m currently reading Kinky Gazpacho:  Life, Love, and Spain by Lori Tharps.  I’m really surprised I had never heard of this book before. First of all, there aren’t droves of black people traveling abroad. Secondly, if they are they aren’t rushing home to write novels and memoirs about it!  Just like Black Girl in Paris, we are following our protagonist along with her European adventures – this time Lori is studying abroad and it’s actually a memoir. I’ve read half of this book in about 2 days and I’m not really wanting to put it down.  I think I’m biased though. It doesn’t really matter how well it’s written – if it’s about travel or studying abroad from a black woman’s perspective, I’m probably going to give it a minimum of 3 stars. Even if it sucked (for lack of a better word). I’m not sure yet if it’s a really good book or if I’m just craving that international feeling it’s giving me. You know how when you’re really really really hungry, no matter what you’re eating it’s like the best thing you’ve had since your teeth broke through your gums? Then you say, “Either this is really really really good, or I’m really really really hungry!”

My review is coming soon! In the meantime I’m just enjoying following Lori to Morocco, on a brief encounter with Madrid, and then to Salamanca. Spain for a year of study abroad.  I can relate to a lot of the things she’s going through much moreso than with the previous novel – probably because she went to Spain for study abroad as opposed to following in the footsteps of a literary giant. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the book.  I said these very same words to myself and learned how to incorporate them into my life in the states as well:

“That had kind of become my mantra during my year abroad: ‘You have nothing to lose, so go ahead and do the things you’ve always been afraid of and never had a chance to experience.’ I considered this year in Spain my parenthesis from reality.”

Want to read it with me? Click here to buy it from Amazon (and to read the editors’ reviews).