Meet Teri and Andrea: The Bombshells Behind TravelistaTV

Travelistas Teri and Andrea

Travelistas Teri and Andrea (photo credit: The B Life Blog)

Here’s yet another treat for your global viewing pleasure. Last week I introduced you to the Grannies on Safari, two 60-something best friends taking us around the world on their PBS travel show. Now, it’s like I’m taking you back in time. It’s like the Grannies on Safari thirty-something years ago – before retirement, before the husbands, the kids, the grandkids. And you know what happens before all that right? (I don’t. Just thought the question was fitting. ;-))

But back to TravelistaTV. Teri and Andrea have traveled to over 35 countries and have developed this culture, entertainment, and lifestyle television channel to allow us to tag along for the ride (flight). They visit awesome destinations, meet amazing people, and seek out adventurous experiences all in search of the good life. You can’t be mad at that! And besides all that – these girls are gawjus (that gorgeous times like a trillion)! They could be filming in Hyattsville, Maryland and I’d still watch. No shade at Hyattsville or anything – but yeah these girls are hot!

Be sure to visit their website and show your support for some more African-American jetsetters! Not sure of their end goal, but this is yet another show that should be on the Travel Channel. And another little bonus, Grind and Thrive creator Torrey McGraw recently interviewed TravelistaTV about the growth of their brand, how it all got started, their struggles, successes and more. You definitely want to see this! Awesome nuggets of inspiration not only for those who want to travel, but mainly for all of the entrepreneurs out there.

Check this clip of Travelista Teri in Antigua with special appearances by actor Anthony Mackie and Antiguan Soca star Tian. Try not to drool.

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