Travel Anthology Project: Call for Submissions

Did you study abroad when you were in college? Do you have a story to tell about your time abroad? I’m collecting stories from young people of color who took the oh-so-exciting plunge off the deep end and studied abroad in college. I sincerely believe that one of the reasons that more people of color don’t travel is because they don’t see other people of color well, traveling! There are many ways to expose others to traveling: TV, youtube, this blog (!), novels, memoirs, and more. I’ve only chosen one particular medium. Read this post or scroll down below to see the open letter that describes my vision for the anthology.

That said, the travel anthology project is on its way. Enter your information into the form below to be added to the growing list of potential contributors. Here are the submission guidelines:

  • The deadline for submission is April 1, 2012.
  • Each contributor may submit up to 3 pieces to be included in the anthology
  • Short stories should be a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 7,500 words (double-spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman font).
  • Stories should be written in 1st person. It’s the best way to capture your experiences – this really is about you and your travels.
  • Please include a short biography (less than 150 words) written in 3rd person when submitting your short story to be included in the anthology.
  • Submit Release Form along with electronic submission of your short story. (Please enter your contact information below to receive the Release Form and the submission e-mail address.)


An open letter describing my vision for the anthology that served as the original, private, call for submissions:

Hey friends,

If you’re getting this, that means I’m aware that you have either worked, studied, lived, or traveled internationally. Also, you probably know that I am all about encouraging others to broaden their world view and have some international experiences of their own. That said, I’m interested in writing a book. Moreso an anthology. I’d like to collect stories about experiences that we have had internationally and publish them as a way to not only preserve them, but to show others that we do travel and to spark their interest in this world of ours. Those stories about getting lost and stumbling upon that dope nightspot, the moment you and hour host family just clicked, how you and your new foreign boo argued daily but didn’t even speak the same language (oh – that was just me? ok), the first time you realized you were no longer a “tourist”… etc. etc. etc….  
So, what do you think? I know not all of us are writers, but I know that we all have a story to tell. I would be more than honored to have you as a part of this experience! I envision this book in the hands of college freshman at Howard, in the AUC, at big state colleges; being read in Book Clubs all over the nation; being shared among young professional circles; being required reading for local high schools; and most importantly as plane reading for a group of black young adults’ next big trip. Remember how everyone use to pass around The Coldest Winter Ever in high school? Yeah, that viral. 
If you are at all interested in being a part of this experience by contributing either a short story, drawing, photo, poem, recipe, whatever, please enter your e-mail in the contact field below. Also, I only know so many people so if you were abroad with others or know of others who could also be a part of this please feel free to share this message with them.
Looking forward to hearing back from all of you!

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